Greetings to friends and family of Kathy Ogle and Val Ulstad! Welcome to our celebration of thirty years as a couple. We have posted this website as a way to share our story, our memories, our adventures and most importantly a bunch of photographs. We want to chronicle our lives together, but also honor our families and our lives before we met. 

In these pages, you'll be able to look at photo albums, read our story, find memories and dreams, links to other websites... We hope we will make you laugh out loud, sigh, have your memory tweaked, feel nostalgic, spark your spirit of adventure, and be inspired! 

And don't forget to check out how you can help us celebrate by clicking the link on the right, and feel free to leave comments in our guest book below. 
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So please take as long as you'd like browsing through this website and help us celebrate the beginning of our FOURTH DECADE TOGETHER!